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Just about every coin club worldwide does something to attract kids to the hobby, whether it be free draws at meetings, special auctions, seminars, mentoring, sponsoring official kids clubs within their club, and holding kids events at their shows.  Some even have kids on their executive and board of directors too! The best way to find a club in your area, is to look at your area's umbrella organization.  Most clubs belong to an association or organization that covers a large geographic area.

For area in Canada, we have the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association, the North Shore Numismatic Society, the Ontario Numismatic Association, the Quebec Numismatic Association and the Atlantic Provinces Numismatic Association. These groups have several members which are clubs within the geographic area they service. They also have many individual members too.

Now in the United States there is the American Numismatic Association, but also most states also have their own association which belongs to the American Numismatic Associations, for example there is the Buffalo Numismatic Association, the Central States Numismatic Association, the California Numismatic Association, just to name a few. As well, withe the armed forces and military, there are clubs, and even several industrial businesses have them too, such as Boenig Employees Coin Club. Some clubs are part of academics at elementary, secondary, college, and post university levels. 

There are other clubs around the world too, just about every country has numerous coins clubs. 

Some mints, museums, and banking institutions also have kids clubs or programs. Some coin exchanges and large show venues, and dealers provide programs too. Some dealers educate on their websites too, and George Manz Coins posts numismatic videos on You Tube, which you can subscribe for FREE and there are at least a dozen there to pick from. 

Below, we've given you just a snapshot of some of the links that exist, and may interest you. 

ANA President Dr Ralph Ross and his family (go to pg 15)

Learn about this remarkable famiy fully involved in the numismatic hobby with kids starting from the time they were pre-schoolers. The story starts on page 15.

Check out this great book for Young Numismatists:

There are many mints in the world. Some are controlled by the country's government, or by banks, and some are private mints. Below are just some of the numerous mints in existence. Some mints have tours, family activities, coin exchanges, kid collectors' clubs, and other programs. 

Many mints make coins for countries outside of their own, for example both Canada and Australia mint for several countries, in addition to their own. See some links below this text box.

FOR MORE AMAZING LINKS VISIT THE LINKS PAGE OF THE MANITOBA COIN CLUB there are kids stuff there, more world mints and central banks, and a bunch of other knowledge links, as well as other clubs, dealers, and more (numismatic, philatelic, and related hobbies).

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