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Coin Errors and Varieties

To view examples of Canadian coin errors use this link. (Click picture above.)

Errors can be difficult to determine, and often when a coin is referred to as an error, it turns out to be coin wear and tear, or something manually created to appear as an error. Consult an expert before deciding a coin is an error. There are many coins sold on-line by non-dealers as errors, when they are not. Be careful if purchasing an errors on-line, unless it's certified by a credible coin certification services company. 

Canadian coins contain many errors and varieties.  Sometimes, it increases the value of the coin with one of the type below.  These errors and varieties are caused by several factors during the production process.  Through images and descriptions, the link at the top of this page, allows you to identify and classify several types of errors and varieties. 

Coins Canada lists these errors and varieties for Canadian coins:

Die Crack

Retained Broken Die


Die Chip



Extra Metal


Mortar Set

Die Clash

Deteriorated Die

Die Polishing


Die Shift

Spacing of Numbers

Shapes of Numbers

Repunched Die

Incomplete Letters

Filled Die

Weak Strike


Deficient Plating

Die Damage

Die Damage by Hub

Rotated Die

Misaligned Die

Clipped Planchet

Flaw Planchet


Retarded Coin

Rippled Coin

Partial Brockage

Full Brockage

Doubled Die

Struck through Grease

Partial Collar

Uncentered Broadstrike

Wrong Planchet

Incomplete Clip

Double Struck (obverse on reverse)

Double Struck (reverse on obverse)

Die Cap

Indented Strike


U.S. Coin Errors include:

Die Caps

Wrong Planchet



Partial Collars

Uniface Strikes


Double and Triple Struck


Die Adjustment

Bonded Coins

Double Denominations

Coins Struck on Feeder Finger Tips

Struck Fragments

Mated Pairs


Transitional Errors


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