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Welcome to Kids Coin World!

Discover a  the world of coins or "numismastics", a fun hobby for your entire family! 

Take Up Collecting Coins For Fun!
Take Up Collecting Coins For Fun!

Find coins lots of places:

  • loose change
  • in the ground (use metal-detector)
  • at coin club meetings
  • at coin shows
  • at local coin dealers
  • on-line (internet)
  • direct from the mint (place where the coins are made)
Become A Youth Numismatist!
Become A Youth Numismatist!

You can become a Youth Numismatist if you are under the age 18. Here's some ways:

  • join a local coin club (some areas have a Youth Numismatist club inside their coin club
  • enroll in a CoinKids course through the Royal Canadian Numismatis Association (if you join)
  • attend coin shows, most have Kids tables
  • attend a coin convention, most have Kids auctions, Kids tables, and Kids can enter exhibits (display)
  • ask a local coin club member, dealer, or numismatic researcher to be your mentor (pal)
  • enter the American Numismatic Association or the Heritage Auction annual coin essay contest
  • attend the American Numismatic Association summer Kids Numismatic Camp
  • attend seminars at conventions, some are just for Kids but you can go to them all (even some shows have Kids seminars too)
  • tour the mints (all have public hours and most have Kids clubs and programs)
  • make friends with other Youth Numismatist building life-long support
  • the Bank of Canada, and some other museums have coin exhibit and also have Kids clubs and / or programs
  • learn about numismatics on-line (internet)
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As a not-for-profit website, translation resources are unavailable, therefore we apologize we only provide the pages in English. 

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